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Buy A Business Melbourne, Sell A Business, Business Sale, Business Valuation, Melbourne, Australia
Our privileged position as business brokers enables us to gain valuable market insight based on our regular interactions with business sellers, buyers, investors, accountants, bankers, solicitors and other professionals. Our clients benefit from our proven methodology and resources (including proprietary database of business buyers/sellers/investors and access to local & overseas contacts).
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» Accounting Practices (inc Fee Parcels)
» Building and Home Improvement Supplies
» Manufacturing Business
» Trade Services
» Wholesale and Distribution Business
As Registered Business Valuer of small to medium sized businesses, our valuation methodology is based on:
» Internationally recognised valuation standards
» Access to comparable sales evidence
» Professionally prepared reports that can be used for commercial, legal and statutory purposes
Using our up to date market knowledge, contacts with potential purchasers/sellers and a network of trusted professionals, we can facilitate a successful outcome for both business owners and buyers.
The services we offer to Business Owners who wish to sell their businesses are :
» Familiarise the business owner with the sales process
» Conduct an Appraisal of the Business to advise on the “market worth” of the business
» Provide an update on current market conditions and trends
» Market the business to attract “qualified” prospects (buyers)
» Protect the confidential aspect of your business through early pre-qualification of prospects
» Facilitate negotiations between the business owner and the prospective purchaser, communicate with professional advisers ie lawyers, accountants and financial advisers etc, to provide an unbiased input into the entire buying/selling process
For parties seeking to purchase a business, Hurst Partners can assist in the acquisition process.
» Outline a typical acquisition process
» Determine acquisition criteria
» Advise on fair “market worth” of a business
» Select and approach “target” businesses on a confidential basis
» Protecting your identity in the process
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